Students come to computer lab at least once a week.  I coordinate my computer lab lessons with homeroom teachers.  I use technology to reinforce skills that are taught in the classroom.  The students use Microsoft Word, Power Point, Graph Club, Kidspirations, Timeliner, Kidpix and Orchard software.  The students save their work in an electronic portfolio.  We have been concentrating on writing for the past few months.


Students at the primary level are taught basic internet skills.  Any time the students use the internet for research, they are given a website and the research is done with teacher direction and complete supervision.  Students are never given free access to do their own self directed research. 

Accelerated Reader is another important part of our computer lab.  Student are allowed to come into the computer lab before school, during their recess, and after school to take comprehension tests on accelerated reader library books.