Updated:  March, 2014



Google for Doodle Contest entries - PAST DUE.  Were due 3/14.





THIS WEEK (3/17-21):  Practice Multiplication Facts (up to 11)

You will RETAKE any fact that you did not get 100% on.



Websites:  www.multiplication.com    www.mathisfun.com

Tuesday - 4,7,8 facts (RETAKE)

Wednesday - 3,6,8 facts (RETAKE)



Monday 3/17/14       Quiz - Mixed Number Multiplication.

 2014 Olympic Games


NORWAY (5M) - is the winner of the most medals in our 2014 Olympic Contest.

Well, we really enjoyed following the Olympics this year, in Sochi, Russia, and cheering on USA, Canada, Norway & Germany (chosen by the students).  We learned a lot about converting units & time from Metric to US,  how competitions/races are timed and how scoring is done by the judges.  We tracked Gold, Silver & Bronze EVERY DAY for our countries and wathched some of the events live.  We even had our own Curling Tournament!


5th grade students did a fabulous job on their Olympic cereal boxes, posters, newsletters & slide shows.  If you didn't get a chance to see their work at Founder's Night (2/26/14), some of them will be displayed at the Rockaway Mall during Pride Week.  I will let students know the dates and whose projects will be sent to the mall.  Unfortunately, I cannot send all projects.





    CAS 5th & 6th grade students helped to set a new Guinness Book of World Record in Sport Stacking!  Our school was among the 2,800 schools and 33 countries worldwide to participate in this event.  Over a half million people were sport stacking on the same day (Nov. 14, 2013).  The results are still being counted and I will let you know the final count once I am notified.  I'M SO PROUD OF OUR STUDENTS !

To check the results yourself, click here:  http://www.thewssa.com/stackup/2013_stackup/ 



Team Quinn will support each other, just as a sports team does.  There's an expression that you may have heard ... "There's No 'I' in Team".  This means that no one person makes a winning team.  All players contribute to a team's success.  This year, you will all have a place on our team and although I am looking forward to seeing you each reach your individual goals, I am really excited to see you work together and help each other, so that our entire class will have a winning year!


My website will be updated throughout the year, so you can find useful classroom information, upcoming events/tests/quizzes, homework and links to help you practice your math skills.  I cannot stress enough how important it is for OUR TEAM to know their facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication & division).  Think of practicing your facts, as drills during a sports (or dance) practice. Knowing your math facts will help you in 5th grade math class.  So, keep practicing!!





We will continue using the Everyday Mathematics program in 5th grade, but will be incorporating our new Common Core Curriculum Standards into our lessons.  As the school year progresses, I will be posting many websites that contain math-related games, skill building activities and homework help for students to use both at school and at home.  So, I encourage you to check back often and click on the "Great Math Websites" link.


PARENTS- check out the link for information on the new math CCCS.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any concerns (or questions) regarding our curriculum,

or how your child is doing in my class.